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You do not need to hear it from me, but I read today that there are 86 days until Christmas.  Which means a few things.  There are about 3 months left until the Holiday Season.  Whether you exchange gifts or not, this usually represents an incredibly busy time of year.

It also means that 2017 is right around the corner.  Blink and its January.

So, I felt it was a good time to share a few things that might be of interest.

First, I have a new product offering, Postcards, in my Etsy shop.  [If you have misplaced the link, click here.]  I have listed the postcards as sets, sets that I think make adorable stocking stuffers.  Their price point is also wallet friendly, so you can gift these to several of your friends, or keep some for yourself.


Second, I have listed two 2017 5×7 loose leaf calendars.  I absolutely love these because they are printed on photo paper, which is archival, and when the month is over you can trim the print and its a 5×5.  Pop it in a frame and voila, art for your walls.  Amazing value when you think of obtaining twelve (12) 5x5s with the purchase of 1 5×7 calendar!  The two calendars for this year have theme of Cape Cod and Quiet Moments.


Finally, I do have a few 11×14 Calendars I am listing in my shop.  Coming soon – I am happy to take special requests with these – you can request a calendar with your choice of image from my shop.


Wishing you and your loved ones an early Happy Holidays!


Engagement Session in Gloucester MassachusettsI met Roshni and Cyrus early on a foggy, post rainy morning for their engagement portrait session at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  We initially had talked about holding their session at Wellesley College, Roshni’s Alma Mater, and after careful thought they decided on Stage Fort Park.  They shared that this was where the two began their serious relationship, it became clear how important this location was and will always be to them.
Engagement Session in Gloucester MassachusettsCyrus said something to me that I want to share with all of you planning your weddings.  He said understood why an engagement session was so important.  It is like a practice run.  It helped him get comfortable in front of the camera – let’s face it, its definitely not a universal skill – and more importantly it allowed us to work together – couple and photographer – without any of the distractions of a wedding day.  This is exactly why I offer engagement sessions as part of my wedding package, and its a bit of a non-negotiable.  If you even questioned why do an engagement session, there is your answer. Think of it as a practice session that will help take away any stress around photography on your wedding day.
Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts Engagement Session in Gloucester Massachusetts

Roshni and Cyrus, I am so looking forward to your wedding.  Thanks so much for sharing this special place with me.  May you treasure these images for years to come.

Until next time,

charcoal signature

My daughter, Sofia, will be five this summer and she has turned into a gracious model for me.  We were on vacation in Sanibel, Florida recently and decided to head out to the beach nearby for some portraits.  It turns out that a cute dress, morning light, sand, and wind makes for great fun.

Sofia 3 sofia 7 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_3 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_4
sofia 6 Sofia 4 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_5
Sofia 2 Sofia 1

sofia 5 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_6 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_7 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160422_8

And we are done. She loved it and was tired by the end!  A minute later we looked up to see an Ospray bring its partner a fish. Breakfast!

Until next time,


A Mother’s Love.
Beautiful. Gentle.
Understanding. Forgiving.

Calla lilies are a favorite flower. This bunch was beautiful, with rich deep purple color and a gorgeous shine. I could not pass up the opportunity to pull out a new favorite lens, the Lensbaby Velvet56, to capture their beauty. The result is a gorgeous bouquet, a perfect lasting image for a Mother’s Day gift. I added a beautiful quote, which I think is also perfectly appropriate for Mother’s Day.

Wishing you a beautiful Mothers Day.


Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_5 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_4















Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_7 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_6 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_3 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_2 Boston_Portrait_Photographer_160215_1

Every year the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas just flies by so fast.  And then it is the New Year.  Well, 2015 was no different.  It seemed to fly by without too much of a pause.  The week between Christmas and New Year I suppose it is the time to reflect and look back.  (And clean up the house, do a little Marie Kondo magic, you know.)

December 2015

I took a close look at my Etsy shop (HelenMPhotography) to really explore what people looked at and like in my shop.

Most Views.

After my shop, my most viewed listing was this collection of doors from Old San Juan.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  This is my most popular collection and I get feedback from people who view my work that they just LOVE doors (in general).


The runner up in the most viewed listing is this photograph of a blouse.  I called this photograph Longing for Spring.  If I recall correctly, it was a really sleet and rain induced day and this blouse just cheered me up and reminded me that Spring was soon around the corner.  I hope it does the same for all those who do view it.  As a side note I have received many convos asking if they can buy the blouse.  Sadly not for sale, but I do pass along that it is probably considered Vintage Anthropologie at this point.


Most Liked (or Favorited). 

Seeing what is “liked” was also an interesting exercise.  The most liked is an abstract image with a lot of bokeh of a glitter filled fake christmas tree.  I love the colors and the bokeh of this image and it in a few homes, which is just great.  I’m not surprised that this older image remains a favorite.


The runner up to the liked listings is a fairly new addition to the shop.  I call it Squirrel’s Delight.  Its a collection of different acorns from an Oak tree on Cape Cod.  The image was captured with a Lensbaby Edge80, which gives it a neat perspective and area of focus.  Seeing that this image is so well liked makes me happy!


What a fun exercise to see what people like in your shop.  It definitely gives me some ideas on what to create in 2016.  I hope you have enjoyed it and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please visit my shop here!  Please let me know what your favorite listing is and anything you’d love to see captured as well.

Best wishes for an amazing 2016!


  • Katerina - Lovely photos and interesting post. I was actually also looking on my liked and viewed images today. But interesting is, that those that are most viewed and liked are not most sold ones.